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Acrylic Fiber

Acrylic Fiber

Acrylic fibers are produced from acrylonitrile, a petrochemical. The acrylonitrile is usually combined with small amounts of other chemicals to improve the ability of the resulting fiber to absorb dyes. Some acrylic fibers are dry spun and others are wet spun. Acrylic fibers are used in staple or tow form.


The Best Properties Of Acrylic Fiber Ar As Follows:

  • A wool-like fiber often used as a wool substitute
  • Easily washable and highly resilient
  • Resistant to moths, oil stains and chemicals
  • High fastness values, easily able to dye
  • Highly resistant to sunlight exposure
  • A natural look and a warm feel


Main uses of Acrylic Fiber

  • Clothing: Sweaters, wool cloths, fabrics, sports clothing, children’s clothing
  • Home Textile: Blankets, upholstery, carpets, outdoor uses
  • Others: Fancy yarns, awnings, cleaning textiles
  • Industrial: Asbestos replacement, concrete reinforcement, brake lining, dust filters



1. Knit Jersey, Sweater, blankets
2. Wrinkle resistant fabrics.
3. Pile and Fleece fabrics
4. Carpets and rugs.